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Tips in Finding the Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

indoor-tanning-lotionDo you want to get a sultry, golden tan? Then indoor tanning lotion may be the best solution. This lotion can make your skin perfectly tanned – giving it a nice and glowing aura.

However, with the numerous indoor tanning lotions in the market today, finding one which perfectly suits you can be a bit challenging. So here are some tips and factors designed to help you make the right choice.

Types of Tanning Lotion

When searching for the best indoor tanning lotions, you have to familiarize yourself about their different types. The following are the most common ones.

  1. Basic Accelerator – This is ideal for you if you are still a beginner in tanning who also have sensitive or pale skin. This type usually comes with anti-aging properties, such as the CoQ-10. If your skin is particularly dry, then consider searching for a basic accelerator, which uses aloe-based formula. It should also contain moisturizing hemp seed oil to combat your skin’s dryness.
  1. Bronzer – Many consider this as the most popular indoor tanning lotion to date. It comes in two types – the delayed and the immediate. Whichever one you choose, make sure to apply it evenly on your skin. You also need to wipe off your hands right after the application to prevent streaks from forming on your skin.
  1. Tingle – This is also a great choice for beginners in tanning. It is effective, but note that it can also stimulate the skin, triggering irritation and itchiness. This side effect may last for a few hours, and may result to an uncomfortable itching and burning sensation.

Despite that effect, rest assured that it works very effectively. In fact, you can combine the tingle with an effective bronzer, so you can get a darker and more beautiful tan within just a short amount of time.

Decide which among the different types of tanning lotion will work safely and suitably for your skin.


Aside from researching about the different types of indoor tanning lotion, it is also important to consider the scent of the product prior to buying. Make sure to pick one with the most likeable and favorable scent. Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing the tanning lotion for the entire day. If you choose a greasy lotion, which tends to produce a lot of mess on your skin, then it will also most likely produce a bad smell. That’s the main reason why the scent is one of the several factors that you have to keep in mind before making your choice.

It’s also advisable to pick an indoor tanning lotion, which sticks to your skin, instead of coming off. It should stick to your skin so as to promote a more even distribution.

Actual color or type of your skin

The perfect indoor tanning lotion for you is that, which perfectly blends with your skin. In that case, it’s important to determine first if you have fair, olive or dark skin. If you have olive skin, then note that you’re lucky because you can choose to get the slightly darker or the light product. This type of skin is capable of withstanding heat products and tingle.

However, it is still advisable to do things gradually. Start with fair products first before you gradually increase the intensity, so you can get your desired, perfect tan. Avoid using harsh tanning lotions right away, as this may only cause burns.

If you have fair skin, then note that this is a more delicate type, so you should avoid harsh products that may just burn your skin. Avoid tanning lotions labeled with either heat or tingle as these can cause burns. If you have darker skin, then you can choose whatever tanning lotion you prefer. It’s because your skin is tougher than the other types – lowering its chances of getting burns and irritation.

Now that you’re aware of some vital factors to consider, as well as a few tips in buying the best indoor tanning lotions, making your choice based on what’s safe for you will be easier.

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