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5 Awesome Tips on How to Choose the Best Soccer Cleats

When playing soccer, one of the most important investments is a good pair of cleats. But with the many cleats available, which is the best for you

Consider these factors to help you choose the most suitable cleats for playing!

1. The Material

Soccer shoe materials have changed a lot throughout the years, with technology continuing to evolve. However, they still have the same goal: To create and produce the lightweight football cleats that are durable, thin, and efficient when forming to the ball as you make contact with it

Traditional cleats are usually made of kangaroo leather, a soft and supple material that feels comfortable. 

Besides that, other cleats are made with other natural leathers like full-grain or cowhide. They are less pliable, but stronger and more durable. Professionals prefer these materials because it provides a natural feel on the ball and is comfortable. However, they aren’t waterproof!

There are also cleats made with synthetic leathers, which have added benefits, such as waterproof properties and lighter weight. But they don’t give a similar feel of the ball compared to leather.

A new cleat material is he knitted upper, which helps increase control and traction when kicking the goal. Plus, they are usually waterproof and lightweight.

Whichever material you choose, think about the waterproofing properties, a thick padded insole, and better stitching for durability.

2. Ankle Height

There are two options for ankle height, which are low and mid.

Mid-profile shoes give better ankle protection to prevent sprains but limiting your range of motion. This is better for defensive players.

For forward or winger players, you are better off with a low-profile shoe for a better range of motion.

3. Cleat Type

There are different types of cleats to choose from, each of them being beneficial to certain surfaces.

• Firm Ground is used for outdoor games on grassy fields, also handling artificial grass. They have better traction of dry and firm areas.

• Hard Ground is a low-profile shoe with conical studs, working on hard surfaces or patchy fields with hard dirt. The cleats stay on the field rather than dig to the ground.

• Indoor cleats are made for the hard and glossy soccer courts indoors. They have no cleats usually, looking like sneakers.

• Soft Ground is made for the muddy fields, having longer studs. Check with the league before using these, as they may not be allowed!

• Turf (AG) cleats are made for turf or artificial ground, having a lot of highly-concentrated conical studs. They are best used for training or backup shoes for hard surfaces.

The standard soccer shoe has molded cleats that are attached permanently, though other shoes have detachable cleats. Professionals like detachable cleats for versatility, using it with other shoe types. 

Your chosen cleat should be optimum for the playing surface, ensuring better traction and acceleration as you play. 

4. The Fit

Your cleats should be comfortable and in your size! Choose cleats built for your foot size for comfort, … Continue..

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Different Types of Body Shapers and What Each One Can Do

Hey again, I was so busy. Today I am talking about a new trendy fitness accessory that I am using in my training helping me a lot,  Body Shapers.

The are now made in all different styles and shapes designed to handle various areas of the body. With that, you are actually free to choose whatever body shaper you want based on the problem area you want to target. You can also make your choice based on what you prefer and which one you feel the most comfortable wearing.

For instance, you can pick a firm-control body shaper, especially if you are planning to wear one during special occasions – under a tight-fitting blouse or gown in most cases. You can also find light-control body shapers that are comfortable enough for daily wear. Provided you make the right choice, your chosen body shaper can work like magic as it performs several functions based on the specific problem you want to target, including giving curves and making your body look slimmer (you can read more about how to pick the best body shaper).

For you to make the right choice, here are the different types of body shapers and the exact functions of each:

  1. Waist Trainer – A waist trainer is a type of body shaper, which you can wear confidently under outfits that are form-fitting. The good thing about a waist trainer is that you can adjust it in such a way that it firmly fits your body, providing you with an hourglass shape. In fact, you can find several celebrities and models wearing it to maintain a good weight and improve their curves.
    For a waist trainer to work, it creates a compression within your middle section after the band is wrapped around your waist. The result is a tighter and more secure core. It is beneficial in the sense that it is ideal for use every day. It also offers enough support when you exercise while also aiding in maintaining your straight back in case you do squats or lift weights.
  1. Bust Booster – As the name suggests, this type of body shaper targets your bust. It offers invisible support beneath low-cut, halter, and backless styles of dress. With the aid of the bust booster, wearing an outfit with a plunging neckline means that your bra will not peek out. The bust booster will produce a wicked cleavage with the help of its reusable silicone wings that tend to stick to your skin while also holding you up.
  1. Short Body Shaper – You can consider this one as an all-in-one garment, which works invisibly beneath your clothing. It is ideal to wear under your dresses, making your body figure look even more impressive. The good thing about this shaper is that it is comfortable to wear. It works in delicately enhancing your hips, backside, thighs, and waist at the same time. In addition, it is capable of providing you with the perfect hourglass figure that
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5 Rules to Wearing your Jewelry in Style and Elegance

wearing your Jewelry in Style and Elegance

Your jewelry can transform any drab outfit into a stylish, formal and elegant piece. By learning some rules in wearing jewelry, it is possible for you to spice up any of your outfit. Be ready to have fun and show your confidence by wearing your jewelry in the most stylish and elegant way with these tips:

  1. Apply the less is more principle – Allow bold pieces to stand out by ensuring that your overall look does not appear to be overcrowded. If possible, wear each bold jewelry one at a time. However, in case you need to wear more than a single statement piece, ensure that it does not include statement rings and bracelets worn together, or statement necklaces and earrings together.What you have to do is choose jewelry pieces that perfectly match and coordinate. Also, stick to a similar kind of metal. There shouldn’t be a clash in charms and patterns, as well.
  1. Simplify – It would be best to wear huge accessories together with simple clothes. Stay away from busy embellishments and patterns, like sequins in case you plan to wear bold jewelry. Keep in mind that your main goal is to let your statement piece stand out. That said, it is crucial for you to be wise when matching items.Another tip is sticking to neutral colors and blocking colored items in case you plan to wear detailed and bright accessories. If you’re clothes are patterned, though, then it would be best to wear jewelry pieces that seem to be less busy. Make sure that the main focus is still on your statement piece.
  1. Pair a necklace with the right neckline – This is the key to making your statement necklace stand out. In this case, it would be best to go for off-shoulder or strapless outfits, or V-necked or scoop neck tops and dresses. Avoid halter necks, collars, as well as outfits with details that are too close to your face as these tend to clash with your bold pieces.A statement necklace is also best paired with a one-color and simple top as such can encourage a chic and great look. Neutral tones are also ideal, so it would be best to wear bright necklaces with nude, white or black to show your elegance.
  1. Be aware of all your options – In terms of jewelry, your options seem to be unlimited. You can find necklaces, rings, watches, earrings, and bracelets. These pieces are also available in various widths, materials, lengths, and shapes. Your choice, however, should perfectly complement your personal style and outfit.In case you’re still a beginner in wearing jewelries and accessories, then wearing stud earrings could be a great start. Keep in mind that they are suitable for all occasions and you can easily pair them up with other pieces of jewelry.
  1. Wear flattering jewelries – For instance, it is advisable for you to wear earrings that work in framing your face. Keep in mind that various styles of earrings tend to flatter you more
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Top 5 Things to do on your “Me Time”

me_timeUndoubtedly, you may have heard several people telling you about the importance of spending a quality “me time” occasionally. This is the time when you need to spend time on your own, so you can chill out, de-stress, or just allow yourself to indulge a little. However, take note that there’s no need for you to waste your precious, little “me time”.

You have to try making the most out of it by ensuring that you fill it with activities that you love and enjoy. In case you’re running out of ideas on what to do during your precious “me moments”, then here are some activities that you ought to try:

  1. Read a good book – Reading a good book is one way to escape the present moment and allow yourself to be in another world for even just a short period. This is something you ought to do during those times when you are alone, especially if you love to read. You don’t need to spend too many hours reading an entire book. You can just spend ten minutes to an hour. Just make sure that each moment you spend reading gives you utmost bliss and satisfaction. Make this activity even better by pairing it with a slice of your favorite cake and a cup of tea.
  1. Exercise – You may think that this is not an exciting activity, as it is tiring. However, take note that once you make exercise a part of your daily routines, you will realize your heightened desire to do more. It could just be a short run around your neighborhood, or a leisurely walk around your local park. The good thing about this is that it allows you to spend time for yourself, while also making yourself look good at the same time.
  1. Listen to your favorite music – Music is really uplifting. It has the power to improve your mood and inspire you. This is the main reason why you have to consider listening to music as one of the most exciting activities to do during your “me time”. Get your iPod, CDs, or any gadget or device where your favorite songs are stored. It’s also the best time to update your playlist, so you can listen to new songs. Sit, enjoy the music and relieve memories as you hear the lyrics of each song. The good thing about this activity is that it can make you feel like you are finding yourself again.
  1. Take a walk outdoors – This activity allows you to breath in fresh air while also enjoying nature. It is the key to alleviating stress and boosting your mood. The short time you spent outdoors can also help clear your mind and reorganize your thoughts, thereby making it easier for you to think about things clearly once you get back.
  1. Explore or do something new – You may be too busy to schedule a trip abroad right now, but you can allot some time to explore a
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Tips in Finding the Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

indoor-tanning-lotionDo you want to get a sultry, golden tan? Then indoor tanning lotion may be the best solution. This lotion can make your skin perfectly tanned – giving it a nice and glowing aura.

However, with the numerous indoor tanning lotions in the market today, finding one which perfectly suits you can be a bit challenging. So here are some tips and factors designed to help you make the right choice.

Types of Tanning Lotion

When searching for the best indoor tanning lotions, you have to familiarize yourself about their different types. The following are the most common ones.

  1. Basic Accelerator – This is ideal for you if you are still a beginner in tanning who also have sensitive or pale skin. This type usually comes with anti-aging properties, such as the CoQ-10. If your skin is particularly dry, then consider searching for a basic accelerator, which uses aloe-based formula. It should also contain moisturizing hemp seed oil to combat your skin’s dryness.
  1. Bronzer – Many consider this as the most popular indoor tanning lotion to date. It comes in two types – the delayed and the immediate. Whichever one you choose, make sure to apply it evenly on your skin. You also need to wipe off your hands right after the application to prevent streaks from forming on your skin.
  1. Tingle – This is also a great choice for beginners in tanning. It is effective, but note that it can also stimulate the skin, triggering irritation and itchiness. This side effect may last for a few hours, and may result to an uncomfortable itching and burning sensation.

Despite that effect, rest assured that it works very effectively. In fact, you can combine the tingle with an effective bronzer, so you can get a darker and more beautiful tan within just a short amount of time.

Decide which among the different types of tanning lotion will work safely and suitably for your skin.


Aside from researching about the different types of indoor tanning lotion, it is also important to consider the scent of the product prior to buying. Make sure to pick one with the most likeable and favorable scent. Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing the tanning lotion for the entire day. If you choose a greasy lotion, which tends to produce a lot of mess on your skin, then it will also most likely produce a bad smell. That’s the main reason why the scent is one of the several factors that you have to keep in mind before making your choice.

It’s also advisable to pick an indoor tanning lotion, which sticks to your skin, instead of coming off. It should stick to your skin so as to promote a more even distribution.

Actual color or type of your skin

The perfect indoor tanning lotion for you is that, which perfectly blends with your skin. In that case, it’s important to determine first if you have fair, olive or dark skin. If you … Continue..

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Top 9 Items that should be in your Beauty/Makeup Kit

A woman’s beauty/makeup kit is just one of her many treasured possessions. It contains all the things she needs to maintain a polished look all the time. This article compiles the top 9 items that your beauty or makeup kit should contain if you want to always look your best:

  1. Foundation – Avoid slathering foundation all over your face, however. Just put on some in specific areas of your face where you see skin discoloration or uneven skin tone. You can also choose to include a tinted moisturizer in your makeup kit if you don’t want to use a beauty product, which has too much coverage.
  2. Hair spray – Beauty kits also need a product designed to take care of your hair. Some examples are hair sprays and gel. You can use your hairspray anytime you need something to tame unruly hair strands or fly-aways. This will ensure that your hair will look its best all the time.
  3. Brightening serum – You can use this beauty product to amp up blood circulation in your face. All you have to do is to massage the serum on the area.
  4. Concealer – A concealer can work wonders in hiding imperfections on your skin. It works as a brightening balm since it cancels the dullness caused by dark under eye circles while still allowing enough light to showcase your beautiful skin. It can also hide skin blemishes and other flaws.
  5. Blush-on – This can add more color to your otherwise pale and dull skin. If possible, choose a warm tone for your blush-on, so you can easily add an interesting color to your cheeks.
  6. Mascara – This beauty product works more effectively in defining your beautiful eyes than enhancing your eyelashes. Choose the basic black mascara. However, if you have light lashes or light hair, dark brown mascara is an excellent choice for you.
  7. Lipstick – This is a beauty product that your makeup kit should always contain. It adds color and shine to your lips, making it more beautiful than usual. For a more casual look, a lip gloss can also work wonders for you.
  8. Brow gel – Even if you think that a brow powder is not for you, a taming brow gel should still be part of your makeup kit. Go for the clear one since it works perfectly for unruly strands. By applying this to your brow, you can instantly show off a more polished look.
  9. Face powder – Making your skin glow is one of the major purposes of beauty products. However, getting unwanted shine and excess oil, especially on the face, is unavoidable sometimes. At times like this, a translucent powder in your beauty kit can help. Look for a good face powder, which can sweep away excess oil on your face without causing you to appear too dry or cakey.

These are just 9 items that a woman’s beauty or makeup kit should contain. Bringing all these items with you can help ensure that you always … Continue..