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Top 5 Things to do on your “Me Time”

me_timeUndoubtedly, you may have heard several people telling you about the importance of spending a quality “me time” occasionally. This is the time when you need to spend time on your own, so you can chill out, de-stress, or just allow yourself to indulge a little. However, take note that there’s no need for you to waste your precious, little “me time”.

You have to try making the most out of it by ensuring that you fill it with activities that you love and enjoy. In case you’re running out of ideas on what to do during your precious “me moments”, then here are some activities that you ought to try:

  1. Read a good book – Reading a good book is one way to escape the present moment and allow yourself to be in another world for even just a short period. This is something you ought to do during those times when you are alone, especially if you love to read. You don’t need to spend too many hours reading an entire book. You can just spend ten minutes to an hour. Just make sure that each moment you spend reading gives you utmost bliss and satisfaction. Make this activity even better by pairing it with a slice of your favorite cake and a cup of tea.
  1. Exercise – You may think that this is not an exciting activity, as it is tiring. However, take note that once you make exercise a part of your daily routines, you will realize your heightened desire to do more. It could just be a short run around your neighborhood, or a leisurely walk around your local park. The good thing about this is that it allows you to spend time for yourself, while also making yourself look good at the same time.
  1. Listen to your favorite music – Music is really uplifting. It has the power to improve your mood and inspire you. This is the main reason why you have to consider listening to music as one of the most exciting activities to do during your “me time”. Get your iPod, CDs, or any gadget or device where your favorite songs are stored. It’s also the best time to update your playlist, so you can listen to new songs. Sit, enjoy the music and relieve memories as you hear the lyrics of each song. The good thing about this activity is that it can make you feel like you are finding yourself again.
  1. Take a walk outdoors – This activity allows you to breath in fresh air while also enjoying nature. It is the key to alleviating stress and boosting your mood. The short time you spent outdoors can also help clear your mind and reorganize your thoughts, thereby making it easier for you to think about things clearly once you get back.
  1. Explore or do something new – You may be too busy to schedule a trip abroad right now, but you can allot some time to explore a