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Top 9 Items that should be in your Beauty/Makeup Kit

A woman’s beauty/makeup kit is just one of her many treasured possessions. It contains all the things she needs to maintain a polished look all the time. This article compiles the top 9 items that your beauty or makeup kit should contain if you want to always look your best:

  1. Foundation – Avoid slathering foundation all over your face, however. Just put on some in specific areas of your face where you see skin discoloration or uneven skin tone. You can also choose to include a tinted moisturizer in your makeup kit if you don’t want to use a beauty product, which has too much coverage.
  2. Hair spray – Beauty kits also need a product designed to take care of your hair. Some examples are hair sprays and gel. You can use your hairspray anytime you need something to tame unruly hair strands or fly-aways. This will ensure that your hair will look its best all the time.
  3. Brightening serum – You can use this beauty product to amp up blood circulation in your face. All you have to do is to massage the serum on the area.
  4. Concealer – A concealer can work wonders in hiding imperfections on your skin. It works as a brightening balm since it cancels the dullness caused by dark under eye circles while still allowing enough light to showcase your beautiful skin. It can also hide skin blemishes and other flaws.
  5. Blush-on – This can add more color to your otherwise pale and dull skin. If possible, choose a warm tone for your blush-on, so you can easily add an interesting color to your cheeks.
  6. Mascara – This beauty product works more effectively in defining your beautiful eyes than enhancing your eyelashes. Choose the basic black mascara. However, if you have light lashes or light hair, dark brown mascara is an excellent choice for you.
  7. Lipstick – This is a beauty product that your makeup kit should always contain. It adds color and shine to your lips, making it more beautiful than usual. For a more casual look, a lip gloss can also work wonders for you.
  8. Brow gel – Even if you think that a brow powder is not for you, a taming brow gel should still be part of your makeup kit. Go for the clear one since it works perfectly for unruly strands. By applying this to your brow, you can instantly show off a more polished look.
  9. Face powder – Making your skin glow is one of the major purposes of beauty products. However, getting unwanted shine and excess oil, especially on the face, is unavoidable sometimes. At times like this, a translucent powder in your beauty kit can help. Look for a good face powder, which can sweep away excess oil on your face without causing you to appear too dry or cakey.

These are just 9 items that a woman’s beauty or makeup kit should contain. Bringing all these items with you can help ensure that you always … Continue..